Sebastian ‘Seb’ Phillips is currently taken.

Breed: Genuine
Date of Birth: August 13
Age: 21
Hometown: Yorkshire, England
Alliance: Undecided

History: Sebastian was near finished with medical school. He already had an internship at his local hospital in California, and his full ride scholarship to Stanford said all. The boy was going places. His goal was to become a physician and surgeon, and he would have succeeded if it hadn’t been for for one choice.

Sebastian grew up an only child living in a luxurious household at his family’s manor, located in the English countryside. Both of his parents were professors at Oxford University in London, and during the school year Sebastian was sent off to a private school, not seeing his parents again until the summer. Despite the fact that he grew up with lack of attention, Sebastian wasn’t rebellious. He was attentive with his schooling and at home he busied himself with the books in his father’s library. 

When he graduated at the top of his class, Sebastian made a decision to study in America. With the help of his scholar background and wealth, he was accepted to Stanford University in California. His entire atmosphere changed in the American environment. The good looks and his foreign accent attracted many girls, and he was often invited to parties. Yet Sebastian didn’t let the peer pressure get to him, and devoted himself to his studies.

So how did this cautious young man fall into the hands of hell? He brought attention onto himself, especially during his first year of college, when he was the only freshman medic to be put on the Dean’s List. During his fourth year at Stanford, he was well known in the medical world. Sebastian, along with three other advanced medical students were invited to be apart of a “secret doctoring experiment” in Palekaiko, sponsored by the government. They all immediately accepted and flew out to Honolulu. But the story didn’t have a happy ending. Something happened, and their helicopter to Palekaiko crashed outside of Paradise City. No survivors…

Well, almost. The crash was staged. Sebastian and the three other med students, including Layna Thanos, were sedated and taken back to the Institute. While his two other companions died during their mutations, he and Layna survived. But only just. Sebastian’s mutation was brutal. His body had to become immune to acid, which involved cruel doctoring. When he was released, Sebastian was never truly the same again.


Power: Sebastian’s power is acid generation. The experiments to obtain this power were merciless and inhumane. He came out of the lab near dead and it took weeks to recover, but he was a success. Sebastian can create deadly acid with his hands, burning or even melting anything or anyone he touches. He wears prescribed black gloves given to him from the Institute to block hand contact, but his medically trained hands have become almost useless.