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The Organization is a secret government covenant; an agreement to have a back-up plan after the events that had taken place during World War II. A sick plan that every continent had agreed on, despite all of their differences. The young generation is slowly being corrupted by pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth. The government doesn’t want change. Justice, independence, and democracy are fading.

In the heart of paradise is the evolved youth, created by genetic mutation andmad doctoring and are to be used as war weapons when the time is right. But they have an advantage. These supernatural mutants can stop the nightmare that is to come, rebel against the twisted beliefs of their forefathers. This is a battle for love, and for freedom. The fight is only now beginning.

Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ Pᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ.

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Georgie Henley fc?

I love her face! She’s definitely on our growing list of upcoming fc’s! Keep an eye out for her, nonnie. I just have to talk to Mae about it :)

-Admin Zana

Michelle Trachtenberg FC?

She’s a possible face. If you have any personality or power suggestions for her, send them in! Otherwise she’ll be on our fc list until inspiration comes. 

-Admin M

Accepted: Prudence Dahlma.

Name: Evangeline

Timezone: EST

Character applying for: Prudence Dahlma

*Please create your account within the next twenty four hours and notify us when you do so! Congrats and welcome to paradise!

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Prisoners in Paradise Writing Prompt.

We haven’t done a writing prompt in awhile. Keep in mind that these are not required, nevertheless, I recommend that you do them to get in touch with your muse. 

Prompt: The war is over… and your side has lost and you have survived long enough to see your alliance’s downfall. Write about what has happened along the way of getting here. All of your friends who have died in battle, all of that sacrifice- it didn’t matter for your side in the end. How does your character feel? Do they regret, would they do it all over again? Was the loss a major downfall on a long sought out plan, or did your side see this coming? Write about what will happen to the losing side(s), and what ends up being your character’s fate. Or the the world’s fate?

If you are a Neutral, Undecided, or Freeman… Write about what happened to you and your side during the war. If you are an Undecided, what side did you choose, and do you regret it now that they’ve lost? If you are Neutral, do you suffer the same fate as the losing sides? If Freeman, how did the war affect you and the rest of the human race?

Keep in mind that: 

  • The war has not come to pass yet, therefore none of these events will have taken place yet. All of this is an AU.
  • You can write this however you want. It can be a flashback, a diary entry, etc. This may also be in whatever perspective you choose (1st, 2nd, or 3rd person).
*Please tag all of your finished writing prompts as #pip writing prompts.

Take your time and happy writing!

  • Status: Open
  • Breed: Eraser
  • Alliance: Loyal
  • Age: 1.5 years (Appearance altered)
James Kallahan ; The Slave to Time
  • The stories of the Erasers are always the same. With an Eraser, there is no history or future, only a now. Their days are numbered; they stride to be ruthless, brutal, charming. They have no childhood and never do reach the golden years of old age. Really, they have no life at all. These police hybrids live a short centered life, enslaved by their own existence until the moment they expire. Time for them is and always has been limited down to the second, and when they do happen to have a minute to spare, it’s always spent on the spoils of raw pleasure. After all, other than duty, there isn’t much else to live for. Every Eraser is another ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off.

    James is one of them, an abomination that is not considered human or mutant, but rather a mutt. The Erasers aren’t seen as individuals, but as a renewable resource that can be replaced once run down, and that’s exactly how they are treated: replaceable gears to a running machine. And no one ever grieves for a battery once it has run dead. Very early in his life, James accepted his destined fate, knowing that there was no way to avoid it. But nevertheless, as far as time goes for Erasers, James has plenty of years to kill. His stamina is still high in endurance, making him twice as lethal as his older fellow comrades.

    He has a very short and specific skillset: Attack and play. Like any other Eraser, James has his sinful traits, wrath and lust being the biggest. It’s already in his nature to be violent and merciless, whether he likes it or not, so as an Eraser, he embraces what he was created for. Duty is his first priority, whether he likes his deeds or not. When he’s not working, you can easily find him in Paradise City, mixing in with whatever pleasure Bellagio Palace can bring. Like the rest of his kind, he is damned, living like he has nothing left to lose. What he really needs is enlightening, a reminder of what morals are. But unfortunately, guardian angels are almost impossible to come by in this paradise. Almost.   


  • There are two sides to him, one that comes out when he’s being an Eraser and one when he’s not. He knows when he has to be the serious authority and take charge, and he won’t hesitate in doing so, but also has a gifted charm and humor, the kind that can be nerve wrecking but raveling nonetheless. He is very self-bound, and if he’s not the leader of his followers, then he prefers to work alone. If there is one thing that cannot be question, it’s his pride. His current strength is no secret, and he doesn’t like when it is questioned.

    But there’s whole other version of him, one that he has buried. Just because he’s accepted his fate, doesn’t mean he doesn’t envy, specifically for a longer life. He can’t be blamed for it, having probably only having a good five years left on his time plate. With the enhanced cravings of a human being, it’s only natural for him to feel that way, despite that he never would express it to anyone. After all, there’s no point in wasting precious time on something impossible.

Authority Status:

  • As an Eraser, James is just under the upper hand of the Institute but still above the mutant experiments, giving him power over them. His job is to keep the mutants in alignment, making sure they don’t cause any incidents that could cause question to arise. James can be terrifying if he wants to, having the strength and well to do so. Already he has the capability of taking life with his bare hands, so when armed, he is inescapable.

    Other than April, Alexander, the alpha of the Erasers, is the only other real authority that James has to report to. And he hates following his commands. Like the majority of everyone else, James has a strong dislike toward him, always questioning his authority. You don’t have to have been affected by the elder Eraser’s wrath to have distaste toward him.  


  • Status: Open
  • Alliance: Undecided
  • Breed: Artificial
  • Age: 22 years
  • Hometown: Havana, Palekaiko
Dita Fitz ; The Oddball
  • History: Waking up with no memory of yesterday can be either good or bad for a mutant— usually the former if you’re one who wants to forget. Dita doesn’t remember how she came to be at Institute, and therefore, she has no idea what happened in her past. As far as she is concerned, her life began when she first woke up in the Development Building around the age of twelve, already with her power and with no clue on how she came to acquire it. Nevertheless, she always seemed to wield it with control.

    Being an artificial mutant and having no idea about her past was something that bothered her. If anything, she considered herself lucky having the benefit of the doubt. There was no nostalgia, no bad memories of pain that she might endured— it all had been wiped clean, and she never has considered or given any of it a second thought. Dita was much more preoccupied with the present. Each development has its flaws, and her formulation was not perfect. Somewhere along the line of mutation, Dita had developed a severe speech impediment that has more or less worsened over the years, making it difficult for her to voice out. The quirk caused her to stutter and jumble words together, it sometimes even making her completely inaudible. 

    But not once did it ever stop her. Choosing a side to fight with was not her first priority. Early on, she made a choice: before lying down her loyalties, she would first make a title for herself and add worth to the name. She was willing during her experiments, not wanting fear to be the source of her decision. She trained and built physical stamina, as well as practiced her power every day. And above all, she stood by herself. Dita didn’t want to be influenced or persuaded into taking sides— it was something she wanted to decide herself when the time came. 

    Now: The time to make her choice is nearing. Rebel, Loyal, or Neutral, she must make a choice, and it’s something she still isn’t sure about. She is independent, and listing herself into a classification isn’t something she wants to do willingly. Not must has changed about her over the years, nothing but her age. Most would find it astonishing that she hasn’t compiled a drive to choose a side, even if she argues otherwise. She chose herself.


  • The girl is small, but she has a bite to her personality. Her speech impediment is frustrating- something that she hates. Since her mind works fast, Dita tends to speak before she even thinks about what she wants to say, and sometimes will sound foolish without meaning to. But regardless of her conditions, Dita will not tolerate being taken as a fool. Doubting her intelligence would be lethal. If she cannot tell someone off, things get physical, often ending with the other person going to the Infirmary.

    Although, Dita hates when her anger gets the most of her, so she often isolates herself, making association with others the least of her priorities. She avoids entering Paradise City, instead more likely to be found on the outskirts and in the shadows of Havana, walking the shoreline, scaling the cliffs at Kamehai Ridge, or even wandering the woods. She also always has something to do on her hands, whether it’s paint, knitting needles, or her power itself. It keeps her preoccupied more then anything combined.

    There is, however, one thing that she is passionate for: Abstract art. To her, it’s how she boasts her independence. But Dita’s work isn’t always painted on a canvas- it’s expressed through her attire. She dresses differently from others, building her own sense style and displaying an odd form of creativity in her fashion (masks, facial paint, wigs). She refused to fall into the cage of trends, and there was no easier way to be herself. Those who haven’t acquainted with her before tend to stare, and even those who know her can be dumbfounded by awe, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Truthfully, she’s is attractive, but it’s often overlooked.


  • Abacomancy gives Dita the power to gain knowledge of the future through small particles such as sand, dush, ash, earth, etc. Dita, being an Abacomancer, can wave her hand over a spot and in her own eyes, the particles will rearrange into a pattern that tells the future. Each pattern is unique for different Abacomancers, and different truths can be told by different viewers.

    Although, not everything Dita finds out is worth while. What she finds can be unspecific, stretching from useless to bizarre. Although, Dita has progressed through the years, and her power is becoming more and more useful then it had been at the age of twelve. The power is most useful in a desert-like terrain for obvious reasons, since the power can only be wielded with small particles. Different patterns can also be stumping, even taking long periods of time to decipher.